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What is a Xbox IP resolver and how does it work?

To resolve the IP of an xbox user we are using a technique called ARP spoofing. This technique works by sending a packet to the target device which in this case is an Xbox, once the packet is received force the Xbox to send an ARP packet back containing the IP address. This technique is also known as ARP Poisoning.

While attempting to xbox IP resolve we use a packet interception technique that intercepts any ping packet sent from the target device to the request device, which contains the IP address of the user. Along with artificial intelligence and the highly trained machine learning algorithms we are able to resolve the IP address within a few seconds by analyzing every packet and filter out the noise. This XBOX IP puller will work with all XBOX servers including the ones running on the new Xbox One X.

We are NOT affiliated with Xbox or Microsoft in ANY way. We do NOT store data and DO NOT recommend the use of any services that request personal data.

* The user has to be online in order to be able to be resolved
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